Tupelo Culinary Students Review Through Sharing With Others

Culinary students chop.It is said that if you can teach someone else a concept you have truly learned it. Tupelo’s second year culinary arts students are testing out this theory with their CSPAS exam in mind. This past fall after completing a unit on workplace safety the students opened their lab and café to business law CTE students to share the concepts.

The culinary students presented what they had learned on workplace safety and regulations in foodservice for their fellow students. They discussed and demonstrated the use of cutting boards with knives and how to prevent the cutting board from slipping while cutting. Students also elaborated on the proper use of oven mitts, heat resistant gloves, and aprons when using the dish machine. Along with the demonstrations of equipment use, students pointed out the use of code words or lingo to warn others when hot food, knives, or heavy loads are being carried behind others. Students from both classes discussed how the Occupational Safety and Health Administration operates in the foodservice industry. Lastly, culinary students used the restaurant lab to explain and demonstrate safety procedures. The students explained and modeled why it is important to block off areas with spills and clean them up immediately, warn customers if plates are very hot, and seat customers so as to not obstruct pathways. The cross-curricular activity provided the students with the understanding of how the working world and the business world connect while allowing each group of students to share what they have learned on the topic in their individual classes.

“When talking to the business law students, my students reviewed all of the workplace safety unit to make sure they cover all the safety techniques or rules for the foodservice industry," said instructor Faye Henson. "This review is beneficial to my students in preparing for the CPAS test this spring.”


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