Innovative Teacher Institute

DATES: August 1-2, 2017

Mississippi State University, Research & Curriculum Unit

The Innovative Teacher Institute is a structured program of professional learning designed to enhance instructional practices in all classrooms by emphasizing student-centered learning strategies. This training is specifically designed for teachers, instructional support staff, and principals interested in increasing the rigor and level of student engagement in their classrooms and schools. Participants will learn instructional strategies that ensure students are reading, writing, thinking, and talking in each class every day while supporting the Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards.

Throughout the two-day professional learning, participants will:

  • Explain and reflect on the use of an aligned instructional system
  • Develop familiarity of the Impact Learning Design Principles
  • Learn strategies that increase the rigor and level of student engagement in classrooms and schools
  • Create school-wide goals and action steps that are centered around the Design Principles
  • Network with peers and share ideas for implementing learner-centered strategies

In order to meet these goals, model lessons are demonstrated that focus on the following learner-centered strategies:

  • Collaboration for Learning
  • Discussion for Learning
  • Feedback for Learning
  • Questioning for Learning
  • Reading for Learning
  • Writing for Learning


To register, please visit this link and search for “Innovative Teacher Institute”. For more information, contact Myra Pannell at or (662) 325-2510.