Graduation & Course e-Catalog

The Mississippi Department of Education has approved for Mississippi public schools a wide variety of courses for middle and high school students. The purpose of this course catalog is to assist school districts in choosing courses that will properly align with graduation, and postsecondary college entry.

The Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning in collaboration with the Mississippi Department of Education have reviewed all course offerings, have identified which courses will count on the IHL College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) for admission to the 8 public universities, and aligned those courses with each CPC category. As courses are modified or added to the course catalog they will be reviewed for acceptance in the CPC. For more information about admissions to Mississippi’s 8 public universities please visit

Course e-Catalog Tool

IHL MDE Course ToolThis report is suggested for IHL Admission officers and counselors, it will enable you to filter the courses by IHL CPC Category
MDE Course Code ToolThis report is suggested for school counselors and administrators, it will enable you to filter the courses by MDE Category