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The MS-CPAS Minute is a monthly publication of the Research and Curriculum Unit's assessment team. It is designed to help CTE directors, test coordinators, and instructors stay up to date with the latest news about CTE assessments.




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    The Finish Line

    As we charge headlong into the last month of the school year, it is not uncommon to breathe a sigh of relief. In this momentary pause, I feel it is normal to reflect on the positives of our last 10 months. Like you, we intentionally build this reflection time into our work to evaluate our work and see if we have done all we can... Read More
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    Start Your Engines

    As we move into April, you know that we are nearing the end of another school year, but you also realize that there is a lot left to accomplish before the final bus leaves the carpool line. Here are a few reminders to hopefully keep things calm during our last months of the school year...Read More
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    It Doesn't Ring a Bell

    If you are anything like me, tasks and responsibilities that I only complete periodically in a year may tend to slip my mind when the calendar flips to that time of the year. New job processes, such as some things in MS-CPAS, may also add to this uncertainty. It definitely does for me...Read More
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    Getting in Gear

    February signals a time for our team, as well as school districts, to accelerate into high gear to meet all of the goals and objectives set at the beginning of the school year. This is a good time for reflection, seeing as how the Valentine month typically is the halfway mark of the school year...Read More


Sean Owen, PhD
Associate Research Professor

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